Nova Scotia Craft Breweries Map

Below are individual Nova Scotia Craft Beer producers and a corresponding Brewery map of the regions in the province. Discover our many outstanding micro and craft breweries that feature everything from India pale ales, lagers, pilsners and stouts to local twists on traditional including spruce, maple, jalapeno, pumpkin and vanilla beers.

Talented and creative brewers throughout the province are constantly working with innovative flavour blends – including lobster! Grab a seat on a sunny patio and enjoy an afternoon with friends sampling these brews or take in a tour at the dozens of breweries in Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia Craft Breweries Listings

Craft Breweries in the Annapolis Valley

There are nearly a dozen Craft Breweries in the Annapolis Valley. Following the growth of the wine industry our brewers have learned that the Annapolis Valley is an ideal location for breweries. From the first brewery, Sea Level Brewing, in 2007 to current day with Horton Ridge Malt and Grain where they also grow custom grain and produce malt in addition to their own craft beer on tap.

  • Annapolis Brewing Company
  • The Church Brewing Company
  • Hill Top Hops’ Brewhouse
  • Horton Ridge Malt & Grain
  • Lunn’s Mill Beer Company
  • Meander River Farm & Brewery
  • Paddy’s Pub
  • Schoolhouse Brewery
  • Wayfares’ Ale Society
  • Sea Level Brewing

Craft Breweries on the Eastern Shore & Halifax

Halifax Breweries are known for unique experiences not just on the taps but also great food and ambiance. These craft breweries are popular with the daily city crowds and tourists looking for another highlight of their trip to Nova Scotia.

  • Brightwood Brewery
  • Gahan House
  • Garrison Brewing Company
  • Good Robot Brewing Company
  • The Harbour Brewing Company
  • New Scotland Brewing Company
  • Nine Locks Brewing
  • Off Track Brewing
  • Propeller Brewing Company
  • Rare Bird Craft Beer Brewery
  • Sober Island Brewing Company
  • Spindrift Brewing Company
  • Stillwell Brewing Company
  • Upstreet BBQ Brewhouse

Craft Breweries on the Northumberland Shore & Truro

The Northumberland Shore with its collection of relaxing, rural communities and beautiful beaches, this part of the province is a popular seaside destination known best for is outdoor recreation activities including hiking, cycling, kayaking and sailing. While there may only be a few wineries in the Northumberland Shore they are not scarce on Craft Breweries. Be sure to check them out!

  • Backstage Brewing Company
  • 9Zero2 Brewing Company
  • Tatamagouche Brewing Company
  • Trider’s Craft Beer
  • Truro Brewing Company
  • Two Islands Brewing Company

Craft Breweries on the South Shore & Yarmouth

Can a day trip get any better? Make sure you have a designated driver as you drive along Nova Scotia’s South Shore from Yarmouth, through Lunenburg to Chester. This world famous seacoast drive also hosts a dozen local Craft Brewers along the way. Pair some local craft beer with local seafood while you discover the untouched history and treasures of the region.

  • Boxing Rock Brewing Company
  • FirkinStein Brewing
  • Heritage Brewing Company
  • Hell Bay Brewing Company
  • King Street Beer Company
  • Lightship Brewery
  • Rudders Brew Pub
  • Saltbox Brewing Company
  • Shipwright Brewing Company
  • Tanner & Co. Brewing
  • Tusket Falls Brewing Company

Craft Breweries in Cape Breton Island

Famous for the Cabot Trails, Cape Breton is a true North American destination. Somewhere along the Nova Scotia Good Cheer Trail, you’ll find the flavour of the Island. Sample unfiltered craft beers farm-side or visit Baddeck to sip organic microbrews.

  • Breton Brewing
  • Route 19 Brewing Company
  • Big Spruce Brewing

Featured Nova Scotia Breweries

In Nova Scotia, we don’t have to look very far to find amazing beer produced by our own craft brewers. With a focus on innovation, quality and tasting experience, Nova Scotia breweries in recent years have seen the craft beer industry explode similar to Nova Scotia Cider producers growth.

As a way of ensuring the quality of their brews⁠—and following the widely embraced local food and drink movement⁠—many brewers use as many local ingredients as they can source. This includes hops and grains, plus a myriad of other added flavours like honey, spruce, coffee, lavender and other herbs, spices and fruits. And while each brewery has its own unique focus, each brewer would tell you that fresh, pure ingredients are key to creating the best beer.

Cheers and Get Sociable

In addition to great breweries Nova Scotia also offers offers a wide assortment of Cideries, Wineries and Distilleries. The local craftsman and artisans use local ingredients to produce world class beverages. See more…. While visiting Nova Scotia be sure to rejuvenate at one of the top 10 downtown Halifax Hotels.

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