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Below are individual Nova Scotia Cider producers and a corresponding Cideries map of the regions in the province. Nova Scotia has well over a dozen cideries that craft a wide array of styles. The most common are the modern ciders that feature very approachable, easy drinking qualities. In recent years there has been a craft cider resurgence in the province, with several producers creating distinctive ciders. Nova Scotia has a long and thriving history of growing and exporting apples and apple products to countries around the world. However, it’s only recently that we’ve started making a name for ourselves in the cider world. Here’s to making up for lost time! We now have a host of cider houses here in Nova Scotia crafting products that are making taste buds near and far sit up and take notice.

Featured Nova Scotia Cideries Listings

Cider Houses in Annapolis Valley

Nova Scotia and the Annapolis Valley have seen an explosion of craft breweries, cideries, and distilleries in the last few years. Not unlike wine, our craft ciders reflect the terroir and heritage of our region. The Annapolis Valley is know worldwide as a first class apple producer. With the unique varieties of apples, local cider producers have created a new series of ciders to compete and set new standards of tasting.

  • Annapolis Cider Company
  • Wild Wines and Spirits
  • Buddy’s
  • Elderkin’s Farm Market
  • L’Acadie Vineyards
  • Maritime Express Cider Company
  • Meander River Farm & Brewery
  • Moonrise Ridge
  • Shipbuilders Cider
  • Wayfares

Cider Houses in Eastern Shore & Halifax Region

There’s a new drink in town! Cider has been having a moment the last couple of years and it’s led to a boom in local Nova Scotia cider production and even the opening of several new cideries right in the city of Halifax. These five new Cider Houses are opening their doors for you to come and taste what Nova Scotia has to offer against Craft Breweries. Great competition only make you better!

  • Bulwark Cider House
  • Chainyard Urban Cidery
  • Chill Street Craft Beverage
  • Lake City Cider House
  • Sourwood Cider

Cider Houses in the Northumberland Shore & Truro Region

Ciders are one of the most popular alcoholic drinks in the world and they are quickly becoming a popular choice in Canada too. Often seen as an alternative to beer, its production actually has more in common with wine. Regardless of its history or how it’s made, people are turning to cider more and more as a fantastic alternative to the usual wine, beer, or spirits. Currently Malagash Cidery is the only cider house on the Northumberland Shore but we should expect more in the near future. While “No Boats on Sunday” does not have a direct store front their product is shipped across Canada and available at many Provincial pubs and restaurants.

  • Malagash Cidery
  • No Boasts on Sunday

Featured Nova Scotia Cideries

Cideries in the Province of Nova Scotia have the advantage of fresh crisp local apples. Nova Scotia has long tradition of apple growing with some of the first apple trees planted being cider apple varieties. In recent years there has been a craft cider resurgence in the province, with several producers creating distinctive ciders.

Craft cideries offer visitors the opportunity to meet the cider makers, learn about unique apple varieties and sample the delicious products. Explore more about our region including places to eat & drink or overnight accommodationsLearn more about Nova Scotia Cider including apple varieties and types of cider.

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In addition to great cideries Nova Scotia also offers offers a wide assortment of Wineries, Breweries and Distilleries. The local craftsman and artisans use local ingredients to produce world class beverages. See more….

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