Nova Scotia Wineries Map

Below are individual Nova Scotia wineries map regions of the province. Each map describes the characteristic of the region and their wineries. If your dream vacation includes road-tripping from one perfect boutique winery to another and chatting with passionate vintners about their art, then you’ve arrived. Welcome to Nova Scotia Wine Country! Top 10 attraction and bucket list item for Nova Scotia visitors.

Wineries in Eastern Annapolis Valley

Nova Scotia has a long and rich tradition of growing grapes for wine that dates back to the 1600s, when this was one of the first areas to cultivate grapes in North America. The climate and soil conditions in Nova Scotia favour unique and distinctive grape varietals. Taste L’Acadie Blanc, Seyval Blanc, Lucie Kuhlmann, New York Muscat, and Baco Noir on a patio overlooking a vineyard.

Eastern Annapolis Valley is known as Nova Scotia’s wine country. There are currently 12 wineries in this region and more are on the horizon. The Wolfville Magic Winery Bus, a North American one of a kind adventure for hop-on hop-off winery tour, visits five of these wineries.

Wineries in Western Annapolis Valley

It is said that the oldest grapevines in the province were first planted at Bear River Vineyards back in the 1600s by French Settlers. Today, the south-facing, sun-drenched vineyard offers stunning vistas. There are now three wineries in the Western region of the Annapolis Valley. Besides traditional grapes some of these wineries also produce fruit wines made with peaches, raspberries, plums, apples and pears, all grown in the fertile soils of the Annapolis Valley. Be sure to visit these wineries when visiting Nova Scotia from Yarmouth or Digby.

Wineries on the Southshore

The Southshore is know mostly for its beaches and coastal villages including Lunenburg. There are three wineries also located in this region. Including Petite Rivière Vineyards, a French designed winery with a unique terroir in one of the oldest grape-growing regions in North America, producing distinctive wines. Other wineries in this region also offer some fruit wines. Some of these wineries are easily found when driving across Nova Scotia between the Annapolis Valley and Chester.

Wineries on the Northumberland Shore

There is currently only one winery located in the gentle hills and sheltered coastal inlets of the Northumberland Shore, Jost Vineyards. This winery is also the largest winery in Nova Scotia. A pioneer of the Nova Scotia wine industry and located on the same 45° latitude as Bordeaux, our vineyard’s geological origins and relationship with the coastal environment define our terroir, making our grape varieties, and thus Jost Vineyards’ extraordinary wines, uniquely Nova Scotian.

Wineries in Cape Breton

Famous for the Cabot Trails, Cape Breton is a true North American destination. The Island is also home to one Nova Scotia winery overlooking the Bras D’Or Lake, Eileanan Brèagha. Scottish Gaelic for “beautiful islands,” Eileanan Brèagha was named in homage to the owner’s Gaelic heritage and for the majestic view of the numerous small islands in the Bras d’Or Lake, which can be seen from the property. Learn more about our Nova Scotia Wines and grapes.

Nova Scotia Winery Map

Explore more about our region including places to eat & drink or overnight accommodations. Visit Nova Scotia’s wine country including one of the many vineyards throughout the Annapolis Valley and across the province that are producing this premium white wine. Learn about the intricacies that make each winery’s version unique.

Nova Scotia Winery Map